About Our 13U Team

Hornets Baseball has completed the formation of an all-new, 13U tournament baseball team for 2020 that will be competitive and very organized (Players must be born on or after May 1, 2006). This is the perfect alternative to expensive academy teams and the less formal club, Legion, and community teams.

The 2020 13u team represents:
  • Arcola Middle School

  • East Norriton Middle School

  • Owen J. Roberts Middle School

  • Perkiomen Valley Middle School East

  • TE Middle School

  • Valley Forge Middle School

  • Westtown Middle School

A Complete Offering

This 13U team is designed to provide players with an advanced experience with a cohesive, end-to-end offering.

  • Winter workouts with specialized instruction

    • School team preparation

  • Outdoor practices

  • Prep and single games

  • Tournament competition


The team will be directed by a very experienced coaching staff that includes D1 and D3 college level playing experience, as well as college level coaching and recruiting expertise. Head Coach Ben Krentzman does not have a son, relatives, or family friends on the team. This allows him to make unbiased decisions in the best interest of the team with a focus on teaching and building every player to be the best they can be.


Hornets Baseball is not driven by profit or accolades. Our goal is to build a competitive baseball team with a focus on individual player development that is rooted in a very positive and supportive environment. Player success will be built on the following pillars:

  • Physical

  • Mental

  • Emotional

Baseball is very difficult. No player ever got better because their coach yelled at her/him repeatedly. It’s the emotional aspect of the game and the critical role confidence plays that is never addressed enough. By focusing on building confidence through support, allow failure to learn, positivity, individual instruction, and a cohesive team culture - success then has a chance.



The roster will be limited to 13, skilled players willing to make the Hornets a priority. We will develop their abilities and knowledge to play more than one position. With a reasonably-sized roster of multi-position players, the result will be a team that can win games consistently while allowing steady playing time and more plate appearances for all.

A big benefit to our program is our integrated winter workouts. This is where most gains are made and it gives our players a big head start and a big advantage when they have to tryout for their school team. We will do mock tryout drills, talk about the tips and best practices to have their best tryout, and have them in baseball shape, far ahead of their classmates.

Player Requirements
  • Make the Hornets a priority

  • Commit to the team with >80% attendance at games and practices

  • Positive attitude with team over themselves

  • Support teammates in practice and games

  • Represent Hornets Baseball in a positive manner, on and off the field

Parent Requirements
  • Help player to attend >80% of all team activities

  • Support the team concept not just your own player

  • Communicate to coaches and other parents in a constructive, civil manner

  • Refrain from any actions or dialogue detrimental to Hornets Baseball

  • Be part of creating a positive and fun environment



We are planning to play six tournaments and six single games as prep and special match ups. Once the final roster is set and the team’s skill level is assessed, we will schedule appropriate tournaments. These will be within a two-hour radius, most much closer, with a goal of avoiding overnight stay.


Beyond Baseball

While we are developing baseball players, we’re also committed to developing young men. This age is critical in understanding how to work within a group dynamic, listening to the viewpoint of others, processing advanced instruction, preparation, respect and support for teammates and coaches - all while coming together with those of different backgrounds and experiences to achieve a common goal. Accountability and maturity will be part of regular messaging.


The team will be purposely challenged with tough competition. It will be in these times of adversity that we will teach and support a positive response and how to work through these challenges.


The team will participate in the Hornets' Day of Service in which they will undertake an activity to help a local community. The players will be presented with several options and they will then discuss and select one group activity as a team.

What is Hornets Travel Baseball Team?

An independent baseball team that plays tournaments and games in southeastern PA and New Jersey. It is best suited for players living in Montgomery, Delaware, and Chester counties of Pennsylvania from Conshohocken to Owen J Roberts and West Chester to Narberth.

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